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Innovation in Observational Astronomy

Android App (Free)

Star-Hop Maker Companion
Star-Hop Google Drive Sync

The first screen allows the user to download from his Google Drive account the star-hop lists created by using the desktop application.

(The app comes with 10 sample star-hops that can be used right after installation).

Star-Hops By Season

This is a list of the star-hops contained in the phone.

Each is color coded based on the season of the year it is member of.

Star-hops that belong only to a specific season of the year can be shown.

Selected Star-Hop Object List

This screen presents data for all objects in a star-hop including an icon for the type of object.

Important information such as magnitude, constellation and direction for each object is displayed.

Selected Star-Hop Object Photo

If the user taps on an object then a photo from NASA SkyView server is downloaded and displayed.

The photo can also be inverted by tapping the button at the bottom of the screen.